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06. Aligning With Your Buyer’s Changing Needs w/ John Kaplan


Every company needs to have alignment around the answers to the Essential Questions: What problems do you solve? How do you solve those problems? How do you solve them differently and/or better than the competition? And, where have you done it before? 

In this episode, John Kaplan talks through how you can use our concept of the Essential Questions to align with your buyer and address your customer’s evolving challenges. He’ll cover how your organization can provide the most value for customers by:

  • Reframing the essential questions based on today’s environment
  • Achieving internal and external alignment around the key problems your offerings solve for your buyer's shifting challenges
  • Preparing sellers with these answers and ways to be purposeful in their delivery

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Breaking down the essential questions

... They evolved as your buyers needs evolved and and right now, in the world we're living in, you can bat that your buyers needs are evolving. You're listening to the audible ready podcast, the show that helps you and your team's sell more faster. Will feat your sales leader sharing their best insights on how to create a sales engine that helps you fuel repeatable revenue growth, presented by the team at force management, a leader in BTB sales effectiveness. Let's get started. Hello, thank you for joining me for the audible ready podcast. I am Rachel Clad Miller, joined today by John Kapline. Hey John, Hey Rachel, good afternoon. Good afternoon. We are both coming to you from our home studios, so I'll just preface. If you hear leaf blowers or lawn mores or mail trucks outside, that's what's going on. Our...

...content ideas during this time are flowing and changing constantly as the news changes. I know we're all trying to keep up. So today we're going to talk through a concept that we really do talk about a lot, but give you a way to reframe it. Given this current and vironment, it's our essential questions. Yeah, they're pretty important right now and let's just reveal the real quick so the essential questions are what problems do you solve for your customers? How specifically do you solve the problems, how do you solve them differently or better than anybody else, and where have you done it before? So these questions are the very essence of value creation and differentiation and it's critical right now that companies stay aligned and consistent around the answers and it's critical that sellers are prepared with these answers and purposeful with their delivery to the customer right and so, given the current environment, one of the things that you can do for your sales team is to really think about them from your buyers perspective. I...

...know a lot of them. A lot of people might say, well, the problems we solve, they're not changing. They're not changing now that they're the same problems and they were thirty days ago. But really, if you think about the answers from your buyer perspective, that answers to what problems do you solve? How had how do you solve those problems? Talk a little bit about how the answers to these questions may involve may evolve given the current environment. Yeah, such a great point. Right now, Rachel. You know, the answers to the essential questions. They're never static. You know, they evolved as your buyers needs evolved. And and right now, in the world we're living in, you can bet that your buyers needs are evolving. So a great example of that I was on the phone the other day with a really good friend of mine who's the CRO of a software company in the travel industry, and you can only imagine the stress and turmoil in this industry right now. It's virtually shut down for the time being. Yeah,...'s enough, but it's really, really tough. But you know, just because the buyer for the travel industry is not traveling right now, it doesn't mean that this company's not focused on the buyer needs and what the needs are going to be when travel resumes. And so in this case, my friends company has been working tirelessly to understand the rapidly changing needs of the buyer and they they've got a huge advantage in artificial intelligence over their competitors right now, and so real time information is critical to the buyer. You know, I woke up this morning to the news of the CDC Travel Advisory For New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and that's just, you know, just one example of a massive ripple effect that that kind of information, you know, would throw throughout the industry. Yeah, I think people listening to this now may have, especially if they've had command in the message there feel like they're really aligned on those answers to those essential questions. But so, given these...

...environments, even if you're not in the travel industry, there's not an industry out there that isn't being affected in some way by what's going on right now. Explain how you can reassess those essential questions for your organization given this environment. You know, I think that I think that the biggest thing for me right now is to just, you know, just know that the answers to those four cents or questions are probably different or have evolved from three weeks ago. It's just it's just a given, you know, and the in the very nature of crisis is change, and so I think change is an opportunity to capitalize on differentiation and value creation, and that's really what the outcome of those four sons or questions is yes. So it's probably a great exercise for the sales leaders out there listening John, and I'll just store this out you and see what you think, to to just take out a piece of paper,...

...start brainstorming, think about the problems you solve in terms of your buyer. How are those problems changing and how do you solve those problems? How do you solve those problems? How is that involving right now, given this current environment? I know for us it's evolving all the time, and more answering that for our buyers. Just sit down and brainstorm and see what answers you come up with and then validate it with the rest of your leadership team. You know, I think that's a really, really good advice. Rachel. I, you know, put it up on my board and and have everybody, you know, write it down on a piece of paper and have the you know, the founders of the company. Have them go last, to the CEO the company go last. So the answers aren't you know, so everybody kind of just speaks freely. But I can pretty much guarantee you that you're going to notice a couple of things. You're going to notice opportunities for alignment and consistency. And so right now I think the most elite companies...

...on the planet are focusing on these essential questions to make sure that they, as a company are not only externally aligned, you know, with the buyers needs, but also internally aligned. And so the game right now is, you know, alignment, consistency and speed, because I think in this economy right now it won't be the big to eat the small, it's going to be the quick to eat the slow. That's a great bottom line, John. Thank you for that. I hope everyone got some takeaways that you can take back to your own companies, your own roles from this podcast. Thank you. Thank you, John, for sharing that information with us today. You're welcome. Thank you all of you for listening and continue to download, tell your friends listen and subscribe. Even during this time, we are putting out episodes every week. Thanks for listening. At force management, we're focused on transforming sales organizations into elite teams. Are Proven methodologies deliver programs that build... alignment and fuel repeatable revenue growth. Give your teams the ability to execute the growth strategy at the point of sale. Our strength is our experience. The proof is in our results. Let's get started. Visit US at force MANAGEMENTCOM. You've been listening to the audible ready podcast. To not miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. Until next time,.

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