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14. The Role Leaders Play in Keeping Sales Reps Focused w/ John Kaplan


Keeping sales teams focused is an area many sales leaders are trying to excel in right now.


In this episode, John Kaplan walks through simple things you can do as a sales leader or manager to keep your teams motivated and disciplined. 


He’ll discuss:


- How sales teams can use the ‘purpose, process, payoff’ call agenda to make sales conversations empathetic and relevant for buyers.


- How leaders and managers can work with their reps to make sure they’re prepared for every valuable sales conversation.


- The most critical fundamentals and tactics leaders must focus reps on right now to build pipeline and make revenue numbers.


Here are some additional resources focused on the importance of empathy right now :

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Top Resources for Maintaining Rep Productivity


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Join calls with your reps as much as you possibly can, whenever you can, and make sure that you're aligning, helping them aligne always to what problems you're solving and what those biggest problems are. To attach to. You're listening to the audible ready podcast, the show that helps you and your team's sell more faster. Will feat your sales leader sharing their best insights on how to create a sales engine that helps you fuel repeatable revenue growth, presented by the team afforce management, a leader in BB sales effectiveness. Let's get started. Hello, welcome to the audible ready podcast. I'm Rachel Clap Miller, and today we are going to talk about keeping your reps, your sales teams focused. This is a topic that may seem a little obvious, but often there are some simple things you can do as a leader, as a manager that can make a big impact. John Kaplan joins me for today's discussion. Hey, Rachel, thanks for having me and you know, this is an area...

...that I think a lot of leaders are trying to excel in right now. So I think it's a really relevant topic and I'm looking forward to walk in it, walking through with you. Yeah, and when we have a concept of, you know, the before scenario or the current state right and our command of the message curriculum. So we are in quite a current state right now. So, John, I think we probably need to start this conversation with laying the groundwork and understanding that, given this current state, you, as a leader aren't getting anyone's a hundred percent. Yeah, you know, this is that's such a good point. I was just on the phone with a CEO last week and they were frustrated about what was happening in their company, what was happening with their sellers and and I just asked that individual. I said, you know, I said, Hey, realistically, if I made a statement that I asked. I said, realistically, do you think that you're right now? Do you think you're getting a hundred percent of your sellers and your company's mind shared mentally and effectiveness, like, you know,...

...tell me realistically. Do you think that's realistic? And the person was like probably not. And then I asked them. I said so, are you at a hundred percent? And they, you know, pause for a second. They're like now, I'm probably, I'm probably at eighty percent. So I think, for context of this conversation. Let's just do a little reality check. At most people are probably at best at about eighty percent just kind of mentally and in effective and and productive, and it's the job of the leader to really help them maintain that eighty percent and eventually get us back to over a hundred percent. So I'd love to discuss that today. Yeah, yeah, okay. So let's dive in. There's a lot of different areas when you're talking about runt focus, sales focus, that we can target. Let's first start with looking at getting opportunities, and we're talking about that current...

...state. For anybody selling right now, it is important to get as many at bats that you can get. Yeah, I mean, that's that's an old that's a timeless thought there. It's like the more at Bats I get, the better I'm going to get. And I think also in these times we have to look at not just at more at bats, but we got to be so critically effective at each one of those at that. So if you want to keep your teams focused, I think you need to do some things right now. Encourage your teams to go deeper into their territories. So a lot of people during these times they're like you know, we've got new logos and and cross selling up soll and our territories. What I'm finding a lot of companies are doing is going back and deeper into their territories and making sure that they are and in helping reps do that, not just screaming at the score board, but helping them do that, make sure they're considering changes that their buyers are going through right now. And it's I'm telling you,...

...every single buyer you're calling has changed in the last three thousand and sixty ninety hundred eighty days or whatever. Every single buyers dealing with something that they weren't dealing with before and you want to focus on those things as it relates to the problems that you solve. So make sure they're asking who else is having those problems in the territory. So once you find these morphing challenges and changes, you then, as a leader, say, okay, who else do you think inside of this territory, who else do you think is dealing with this? And what you're going to find is there's going to be a ton of other companies, a ton of other buyers in this in your assignments that are going to be dealing with similar things, and so you want to encourage reps to call as many customers and targets that they can to have purposeful conversation. So get them busy and active. The more conversations they're having right now, the more comfortable they're going to be and the more they're going to move from an eighty percent to over a hundred percent again, right in. The...

...more conversations they have, the more you you mentioned, comfortable, but the more they're going to learn about what their buyers are going through right now, which just has a compounding effect at effectiveness, it's a great point than in, the more relevant they're going to be because they're going to have a point of view of multiple buyers, which will help any single conversation with a buyer. Yeah, and you mentioned, John, that when you get that at bat right or that conversation, you want to make it as effective as it as it can be, and when you're making you those calls, when you're having this conversations, that kinds up we've talked about a lot of purpose process path is a great way to turn perhaps a colder reach out into something that's much warmer. Yeah, I think you know again, this is a this is gold. You know, the three P's, purpose process, payoff or just golden principles, and they're timeless. But remember, if we're at like eighty percent right now, just kind of like you know, mentally and effectiveness wise, it always helps to go back and build on fundamentals, making sure those fundamentals are in place. And so that's why I love the three peas.

And let's just review the real quick so and we've talked about them in podcast before and I think, Rachel, you can give a good link or what have you to other areas where we can go to discuss this further, because I really really like this concept. But purpose process payoff. Every buyer, everybody's thinking that when they're interacting with you. It's like the purpose, why are you calling me? What do eat? Why are you calling me? What is your purpose? So we have to be prepared for that. So and then the process. What are you going to do with me? Like do you want to talk to me? Do you want to give me a demo? Do you want to get some insights from me? What do you want for me? And how much time do you want from me? And what process are you going to use to communicate with me. And then the last one, which is a big one, is the payoffs. So what's in it for me to have this conversation when I'm encouraging people to do right now and I'm encouraging leaders to do right now, it's like, okay, we're going to have a conversation, here's your call sheet of the five...

...calls that you're going to do today. Walk me through your purpose process payoffs. So what is the purpose of your call? What process are you going to take them through and what's in it for them? And a lot of times the in it for them is insights, a testimonial, a proofpoint, or would have you. And I think leaders can do a really, really good job right now if just working with their sellers to make sure that they're ready and prepared to have those conversations. Yeah, purpose process, pay if we do have several resources on that, and be sure to check out the show notes because I've linked up several there. So we talked about purpose for the call, of process and the pay off for the conversation. We may add a fourth key there, John, because all those purpose process path help you prepare and preparation is really important in these conversations. I like that. Yeah, I like that. So preparation is key always, man. It's the difference between stress and pressure. You know, the difference between stress and pressure is preparedness. Right now your reps have a ton of stress going on, the stuff that they can't control. Pressure is not a bad thing.

It's like an old friend to kind of leans on me a little bit, but the difference between the two is preparedness. So I think that's one of the things you can do with your reps right now is do more precallpack planning and role playing then you've ever done before. You know, use your call prep sessions to coach and see who's doing what and how they're doing it. Join calls with your reps as much as you possibly can, whenever you can, and make sure that you're aligning, helping them align always to what problems you're solving and what those biggest problems are to attach to. So in these times I don't think you can overcoach or overcommunicate. You know, stay close to your people. It'll be good for you and it'll be good for them. Yeah, what problem are you solving? That's so critical and, of course, John, as we say, it's about that mantra on every deal. Yeah, always keep them focused on the problems that they're solving and for the buyer and how they solve those problems better than anybody else. And if...

YOU'RE A force management client you're listen to this, you'll recognize that as the mantra. You know. The positive business outcomes require capabilities in the metrics. Help your reps aligned to those. Those are three things when you're preparing for a call, I'm going to discover around positives outcomes require capabilities and metrics and help them prepare for if you are new to force management, let me translate that for you. So it's nothing more than helping your reps aligne. What you do to a customers positive business outcomes or business outcomes that they're trying to achieve, and then helping them influence those requirements to achieve those positive business outcomes and ultimately making sure on every conversation they understand how a customer or buyer is going to measure success. Yeah, we have gone through a lot of basic sales fundamentals in conversation today, but it's often those fundamentals and times like these...

...that you need your reps to focus on in order to build pipeline and make those revenue numbers. There's also a lot of spirit, Rachel, in going back to fundamentals and excelling. Like we all need victories right now. I'm not saying this is a pitiful pearl and you know what was us, but I'm saying there's power in commanding excellence and mastery at fundamentals right now. I know how I feel when I'm mastering fundamentals and I get them to mastery level, so I kind of even lose consciousness that I'm actually even doing the fundamentals because I'm doing them so well. That's a really, really good feeling and if I'm a leader out there, there's nothing wrong with grabbing those fundamentals right now and helping your people achieve mastery. But it's going to take you both. It's going to take leadership and it's going to take people participating in their own rescue to follow the leadership that's given. Great I want to let people know we have a we call it a pillar page, a resource page, that we pulled together some of our top resources on some of these fundamentals.

So doing a great discovery, giving effective feedback, building and testing champions, to name a few, and we pull them together on one page on our website. It's a great page. A lot of free content there, so I've also linked that up in the show notes. Be sure to check that out. There's some great reminders there and some great things that you can share with your team. That's great value. Add Rache, if I'm listening to this and I'm a sales leader right now, or if I'm a seller, go look at those fundamentals and commit yourself to mastery during this time. You will not regret it. Thank you, John. Thanks for giving the audience a little spirit around that today. Gotta thank you to all of you for listening to the audible ready podcast. Will see you next time. At force management, we're focused on transforming sales organizations into elite teams. Are Proven methodologies deliver programs that build company alignment and fuel repeatable revenue growth. Give your teams the ability to execute the growth strategy at the point of sale. Our strength... our experience. The proof is in our results. Let's get started. Visit US at force MANAGEMENTCOM. You've been listening to the audible ready podcast. To not miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. Until next time,.

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