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30. Staying Motivated in Today’s Environment w/ John Kaplan


Are you struggling with motivation?


Especially in our current environment, finding motivation in a foggy sales environment can be a constant battle.


We sat down with John Kaplan to discuss ways to improve productivity and keep yourself and/or your sales teams motivated by being uncommon in what you do.


Here are a few topics we’ll cover:


- What to do when the opportunities in your territory seem limited


- How managers can work with reps to continuously build healthy pipelines


- How to be uncommon and improve your (or your sales team’s) ability to compete 


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Uncommon people do uncommon things in uncommon times that the common man or woman won't do. You're listening to the audible ready podcast, the show that helps you and your team's sell more faster. Will feat your sales leader sharing their best insights on how to create a sales engine that helps you fuel repeatable revenue growth, presented by the team at force management, a leader in BTB sales effectiveness. Let's get started. Hello and welcome to the audible ready podcast. I'm Rachel Clap Miller, and today we are going to talk about motivation. In this environment that we're in, it can sometimes be difficult to find motivation. Am I right, John Kaplan, who joins me today? Yeah, it's nice to be with your Rachel. I think this is a really, really relevant topic, as all of your topics are, but this one really hits on for me right now. Yeah, I think I came up with this topic when I was sitting here thinking what am I struggling with, and I...

...was like, Oh, motivation, let's do something good, right, and it's a topic that we often touch on and other podcasts and I know on our podcast episodes, John, you've shared some stories about your own ways to find motivation. So I thought it would be helpful to talk about it here as I was thinking about salespeople, the role and this environment. I think one of the things that makes trigger a lack of motivation is losing a deal. What is the best way to deal with rejections so you are motivated to go after the next yeah, I think it's all a learning process. I think you want to look at why you lost the deal, what didn't you do, what can you change the next time? It's also a great idea to get specific feedback from your managers and your mentors and watch out for those red flags in your next deal. So most times it's just about being honest with yourself. You know, we're hardly ever shocked when we lose a deal.

So you know when we do lose a deal, you need to learn from it, move on and you know next prospect ups or to speak. Yeah, I actually just recorded podcast with Patrick McLaughlin, Patty Mac to those of you who know who them, and we were talking about str is. Obviously, as people met inside sale SDR BEDR role deal with rejection all the time and he told a story about woman who worked for him that had two jars and every time she got to know, she put a penny or a coin in the coin J are and she knew she had figured out the mass. If she knew, you know, a hundred knows meant she was going to get to her yes. So the more no she got, the the closer she knew she was to that one yes, and that's how she managed that. I love that. Yeah, it's a good story. If you haven't listened to that podcast, to those of you out there listening, it's on strs. It's with Patti Mac make sure that catch that episode. But...

I think there is value to and in being methodical and I think that's why that what that story represents, being methodical and how you're approaching your sales cadence. I remember the story that we often tell in its various pieces of content. John. Is that what you do when you feel like you've drained the pond in your territory? There's nowhere else to go find a buyer? You got it all, and that's another point when you need motivate yourself, and there's some specific ways you can find motivation there to tackle a foggy sales environment. Yeah, you know, I think that it really comes down to something you should be doing every year is you should be creating your your plan to make your plan. You shouldn't have to be asked for your company or from your company to do that. You should just do it and you know, make a list of WHO's not using your solution in your territory and and who's using your competitors and, you know, go to your champions and ask for referrals. You know they need you to continue to be successful. So that's...

...a great thing that you can be doing. Is Part of your plan to make your plan. And you know, are you being honest with yourself and you know, look at the white space? Are you selling all of your solutions and all of your services? And that reminds me of a time back when I had a boss named Pete backer at Xeroxen and Pete was a really, really good manager. And what I remember most about him in Rachel we talked about draining the pond is one year I was just sitting kind of despondent with a huge commission check, and I know that's kind of a little bit of a confl thereaxing more on, but I I was sitting there despondent looking at my commission check and a buddy of mine came up to me. He's like, you know, John, what's wrong? And I and really the net of it was I didn't believe that I could do it again. I didn't believe that I could do it again the next year. So all of you leaders and managers out there, I want you to listen to this because I think some of the greatest leaders and managers are like Pete Becker. And...

...he knew I was going to say that I drained the pond and so what he did was he took a look at my territory and he brought me in and he asked me to do a territory review. And now this is the number one rep in the region that he asked to come in and do a territory review right after we got our commission checks for the end of the year, and I thought it was brilliant. So I could have been like all up at about it. And and I came in and he just knew that I was going to struggle with it and he looked at my territory, looked at the white space and he had some recommendations and we put together a plan to make the plan and I got to tell you it's one of my favorite memories of when I work for Zerox because it was a great leadership moment for me that I learned from Pete. I blew my number out the next year. So we put together a plan together. I asked him to hold me accountable for it. You know, I was responsible for delivering it. He was responsible for kind of helping me and, you know, removing barriers and that type of thing, and that got me so motivated. I know it...

...was a great experience for me. It was a great experience for him and you know, I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years that I would have. Matter of fact, I was entertaining leaving the company, was entertaining recruitment calls and I blew the number out and it's something that I will never ever forget. And I'd like all of us right now to just kind of look at our plan, to make our plan be honest with ourselves. Where's our white space? Are we selling all of our solutions? I was not back then. There were tons of other solutions that I could sell to existing customers and that was hugely, hugely motivating to me. Yeah, we always say you own the own the plan to make the plan. And there's another saying we often use is that sales as a game of inches, and I know the sales people out there listening will agree with that. So, as a rep you need to define those inches for yourself. What are you going to do to different and cate what you're doing, to close your opportunities,... get opportunities and, like you said, John, making a list, doing those activities and really taking action can be a great motivator. Yeah, I mean what you're really describing is looking within before you look without. And and you know, I think confidence plays a big role in that and it plays a big role in your motivation. So you know my experiences that confidence is highly related to fear, doubt and action. And when fear sets in, doubt rises and action cease and confidence plummets. And I think we've referenced, you know, that Dale Carnegie quote before where he's I think he says it best, like inaction breeds doubt and fear and action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit and think about it. And that's when we came up with that concept of get busy, and that came from that quote and I really, really love it. So, you know, every single one of our customers right now has changed, every...

...single one during these times. Their needs, their problems. You know, very few companies have and I haven't met one that's kind of telling me they're in status quo. So the best way to be confident right now is to get busy and your job is to understand your customers by listening to them. So get busy and I'm not trying to lecture to you, I'm trying to give your spirit and I understand that many of us have temporarily relocated to our home offices and you know, but that really has nothing to do with getting busy. Yes, there are distractions, there's more distractions and there's difficulties, but you know, the universal truth is all of us are feeling those pains together. So look within and I think that you'll find plenty of opportunity to get busy right now. Yeah, there's motivation in knowing that you make a choice. You choose to do what's nest in your day and your week,... your month, in your quarter, every day you have a choice. And how you execute your sales job yeah, I if you don't mind, Raach, I just like to kind of wrap it from my perspective on something we posted recently and I'd like to just read it to your regarding motivation, and it just gives me, just give me chill bumps just to just even look at my own words here. So I'm going to read it. So, somewhere someone is practicing and when you meet them on the field facetoface, one on one, they will win, unless that someone is you. So go to work today, push yourself to be your very best, run the stairs, be oncommon and all that you do. If you feel tired or you feel like quitting, ask yourself, is my opponent tired? Are they quitting? Uncommon people do uncommon things in uncommon times that the common man or woman won't do. So finally, you got to ask yourself who's doing this,...

...sit with your answer in a quiet moment and be honest with your reply. If your answer is nobody, rest in your strength and prepare yourself to get up and do it again. So be uncommon and get busy. There's no better bottom line than that. Thank you, John. You're welcome. Thank you to all of you for listening to the AUDIBI already podcast. I hope you found some motivation in the conversation today. Go get them. At force management, we're focused on transforming sales organizations into elite teams. Are Proven methodologies deliver programs that build company alignment and fuel repeatable revenue growth. Give your teams the ability to execute the growth strategy at the point of sale. Our strength is our experience. The proof is in our results. Let's get started. Visit US at force MANAGEMENTCOM. You've been listening to the audible ready podcast.

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