The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast
The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast

Episode 68 · 7 months ago

Finding the Business Pain w/ John Kaplan


Attaching to a big business problem gets you access, funding and urgency. How do you find the pain and then how do you attach your solution to it?

John Kaplan covers:

- How salespeople can get credit for helping buyers solve big business problems.

- How to attach decision makers and champions to their company’s big business pains in a way that supports your success.

- How to align your differentiation to solving business pains to improve your ability to beat competition and win.

Here are some additional resources on attaching to business pains:

- Helping Buyers Reach Their Own Conclusions [Podcast]


- Executing Effective Discovery [Podcast]


- How to Enable Reps to Sell Higher [Podcast]


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