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Confidence and Conviction


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People with confidence and conviction truly believe that what they do matters, no matter their line of work. For that confidence to translate into success, there must be passion and a sense of purpose for what you do. John Kaplan explains why sellers like you need to tap into the belief that your job matters, and he shares what you can do to have the confidence and conviction to be elite.

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So what you do matters and you have to get emmostly connected to this. If you don't believe what you do matters, why should anybody else? You're listening to the audible ready podcast, the show that helps you and your teams sell more faster. will feature sales leaders sharing their best insights on how to create a sales engine that helps you fuel repeatable revenue growth, presented by the team atforce management, a leader in B two B sales effectiveness. Let's get started. Hello and welcome to the audible ready sales podcast. I'm Rachel Clap Miller. I hope you have had time to check out our new subscription platform just for salespeople, as sender. It's at my dot as sender dot com. We are really excited about it. You'll find these podcasts posted there and more. John Kaplan drains me today. Hi John, Hey Rachel. Uh. I just want to say a quick congratulations to you and the ascender team.

Uh. It's probably one of the most exciting announcements in FM's Twenty Year Force Management's twenty year history. Um, you know, I really love the concept of it. We're now empowering you, the individual, to develop your elite skills, regardless of what your company offers you from a sales training and it's not going to be against your company sales training or anything like that. It just gives you the ability to take your game to the next level and not be beholden to any other, uh, factors other than your own determination, your own motivation and your own desire to be elite. So I am ecstatic, uh, that we're at this point in our history and congratulations to you and the team. Thank you. Thank you, John. Yes, it gives you the ability to own your own success and, Um, you will be able to see John every Monday on the platform and our Monday motivation video series, which will be published on a sender, and that has sort...

...of given us the inspiration for today's podcast. John, I want to talk to you about a phrase that you say a lot and I'd love to just break it down today in the podcast and go through what you mean by it and why it's important, and that's having confidence and conviction around what you do for a living. Yeah, Rachel, I you know. I think all the data points to to, you know, to this concept that success really is connected to purpose and passion, and purpose and passion are connected to uh, confidence and conviction, and people have confidence and conviction typically because they are aligned to what they do matters. They wake up in the morning and they think about what I do for a living matters, and I'm going to talk to you a little bit about that today on why it's important for you,...

...why it's important for your company, why it's important for buyers to really tap into that on what you do matters, to have the confidence and conviction to go be elite. Yeah, it's really a trait of elite sales people. This is a trait that you know, a lot of people can have and a lot of professions. I'm having Um celebrate your purpose of having confidence in eviction around what you do for a living, but it is really a critical component of somebody who wants to be an elite salesperson. Yeah, I mean you you hear US talk about it a lot. You know the relationship between elite performers and purpose. You know, and all elite performers have identified with their why and, Um, you know I call this, like I mentioned earlier, it's the what you do matters and you have to get emostly connected to this. If you don't believe what you do matters. Why should anybody else? You know, why should to anybody else around? You believe what... do matters, and I believe that elite sellers get the customer to emotionally connect to what you do as a seller and what you do as what you're selling and why it matters. And also the most elite people get the buyer emotionally connected to what they do for a living matters. And so I really want to hone in on, you know, that concept of getting people emotionally connected to not only what you do matters, but also to what they do matters through the ability for you to solve problems and challenges for them. So it's a big, big deal if you don't wake up this morning, if you didn't wake up this morning and say to yourself what I do matters. You've got to sit with that for a little bit. You've got to figure that out. We'll try to help you here in this discussion. Right and when we talk about having this belief and executing in a way Um that shows you that disbeliefs and helps others believe that what they do matters. It comes down for gonna talk tactics here. It's really about aligning that confidence and conviction... those critical sales skills in the sales process. Yeah, so again, having confidence and conviction means you believe what you do matters. It also means you act with confidence and conviction when you're moving through your opportunities. So today, when you have those customer conversations, when you reach out to those contacts and go in with the spirit and you know that what you do matters, you've got to remember a couple of critical things and these are some things that I want you to tap into and write these down. If you're listening, if you're in a car, just mentally make and make a note of this. Um. These are really, really important because I want to talk to you about three critical skill sets. First one is attaching the biggest business issue. This is how you provide value. You take technical outcomes or or solutions to your problems, to the customers problems, then you connect them to the biggest business outcomes face in your customer this is where you add value. This... where the most elite sellers create value for their buyers. Connect them to business outcomes, and I call that attaching to the business, biggest business issue. Think about the big deal that you're working on today, or any deal that you're working on today, ask yourself a question. What's the biggest business issue facing the customer? And if you come back with technical issues or you come back with process issues, that's a great start, but you have to connect it to a business outcome. So I really want you to focus on the business issues that you are attaching yourself to. He or she who owns the business issue typically has a better chance of owning the opportunity. Next one. Let's talk about and influencing the decision criteria. This is where you have to have the confidence and conviction around how your solution solves the problem and how you do it differently or better than your competition. So it's not just taking on the requirements of a customer the decision criteria. What's the decision criteria?...

It's an important question, but the internal question you have to ask yourself is how is that decision criteria going to be influenced by me, as the seller, in a way that adds value to the customer and makes it their idea? That's an elite skill. So you have to look at the decision criteria and it has to be favorable for the customer and it has to be favorable for you because it is influenced by your differentiation and absolutely critical and elite skill. And the last one. You hear US talking about this all the time. You've got to be a voracious qualifier. You've got to have the confidence to walk away from deals and opportunities that aren't right for you. They're not an ideal customer profile, they're not an ideal opportunity, and you have to have the confidence and conviction to slow down the sales process if you need to. A couple of things really related to that. You get that confidence and conviction when you have pipeline. When you have pipeline you can be a voracious...

...qualifier. So you know, they really really go hand in hand and and and in this discussion about being a voracious qualifier, just commit to yourself. Don't cut corners, drop the MIC. Yeah, I mean, don't do it really, because people are listening now, Johnny, right, right, I think you don't. On topics like this, John, we don't need to be Labor the point. I love it when, Um, we get to the point, we give people some spirit, we wrap it up so our listeners can move on with their their day, their deals, their work out, their customers. So give us a bottom line to take with us as we wrap. Okay, so let's let's really sum this up. You have to believe that what you do matters. If not, you got to get there. And leaders and managers that are listening to this, you can see it in your people's eyes. If you're a seller, you go look in the mirror. You can tell if you don't believe what you do matters.

If you're a leader, if you're a manager, you can look in people's eyes because it's it's lack of confidence and conviction. And you know, the more purposefully you you move through your day today with confidence and conviction about those three critical skills that I talked about, attached to the biggest business issue, influence the decision criteria with your differentiation and be a voracious qualifier. This is gonna lead you to an elite feeling. It's gonna lead you to elite performance. And then the last thing I'm triggered hereby. I'm reminded by my favorite football team in the land, the Great Michigan Wolverines, led by coach Jim Harball, and this is what he says when he wakes up and talks to his team every morning. He says attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, and in in my you know follow up on that is you will notice it, and so will everyone around you. Go get him,...

...go get them. Thank you, John, my pleasure. All right, thank you to all of you for continuing to listen to the audible ready sales podcast. BE SURE TO CHECK US OUT MY DOT AS CENTER DOT com. At force management, we're focused on transforming sales organizations into elite teams. Are Proven methodologies deliver programs that build company alignment and fuel repeatable revenue growth. Give your teams the ability to execute the growth strategy at the point of sale. Our strength is our experience. The proof is in our results. Let's get started. Visit US AT FORCE MANAGEMENT DOT com. You've been listening to the audible ready podcast. To not miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. Until next time,.

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