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Sign up for our webinar on selling and negotiating on value with Tim Caito and Joe Marcin here: Read our Q&A series with John McMahon on your next sales career opportunity here:

Hello, it's Rachel Clap Miller with force management. Thank you to all of you for subscribing to our podcasts and sharing them with your sales teams and your colleagues. Today I wanted to jump on and make sure you knew about some content we have coming up in some other avenues, and you're signed up to stay updated. The first is a webinar coming up on Tuesday, April thirtieth. It's called selling and negotiating on value. Leadership lessons from buyer centric sales organizations. What a title, right? We're excited about this one. I'm going to be hosting it with our senior partner, Tim Cato. Tim, as many of you know, is a compelling speaker and just really passionate about helping leaders operationalize this idea of selling and negotiating value and getting your entire organization aligned behind. How you do it? We all talk about it, but what does it mean to actually get it done? Tim's going to be joined by Joe Marson. Jose is senior VP of global sales at Click software.

Click is one of our customers. They've implemented command of the message, command of the sale and, most recently, value negotiation. Joe and Tim are going to talk about how you get your teams to uncover that customer definition of value and get your sales teams to position your solutions against it. We do a lot of webinars at force and this is our first with a customer who can really give that boots on the ground perspective. So be sure to sign up. They're going to be taking your questions live. If you can't make it you have a conflict, register anyway and we'll send you the on demand version. I'm going to post the link to register in the note section of the podcast. You can also find it on our website. Just go to the on demand Webinar section. The next piece of content is a a Qa blog that we posted on the command center blog. It's on choosing your next sales opportunity. It's with John McMahon. Many of you know John. He is a force in the high tech sales space. He's advised some of the world's most successful sales organizations. He knows the thing a two about picking great companies. Chad Pete's with sort of health ventures recently interview John about criteria you...

...should use and mistakes to avoid when picking your next career move, selecting that next opportunity. That blog has some great advice in there. I encourage you to check it out. We've published part one. We're going to be publishing part two shortly. Again, I'm going to put the link to that blog in the note section of this podcast, but you can always check it out on force MANAGEMENTCOM. Thanks everybody again for listening to our podcast. I hope everyone's having a great quarter. Go GET THEM.

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