The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast
The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast

Episode 74 · 2 months ago

Lessons Learned in Sales W/ Marty Mercer


Our podcast series “Lessons Learned in Sales” continues this week as John Kaplan talks with Force Management Facilitator Marty Mercer. Marty shares some great stories, including:

- How he became a seller and he didn’t even know it

- A beneficial lesson in patience that he learned that drastically shifted his sales career

- Why he didn’t sell anything in the first nine months of his career

- How a colleague nearly broke their computer fifteen minutes before a presentation

This episode is packed with lessons that both reps and managers can use to propel their careers forward in the right direction.

Here are some additional resources based on the conversations with Marty:

- Virtual Selling Tips & Tricks [Podcast]

- Stacking Customer Requirements in Your Favor [Podcast]

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