The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast
The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast

Episode · 3 months ago

Sales Kickoff Insights


For those of you planning your next Sales Kickoff, use our resources, everything you need all in one place:

Hello, it's Rachel Clap Miller with theaudible, ready sales podcast, a quick update for you. I know many of you arejumping into two thousand and twenty two planning, perhaps thinking throughwhat your next sales kick off, is going to look like determining what salesinitiatives you're going to take on next year or how the budget plays out.I wanted to share a quick resource with you on our website force management comunder resources. We have pulled all of our SKO resources together in one place,one page they're all linked up there. We have webinars on Best Practices forsales leaders, there's a great conversation with Brian Walsh andAntonella o day on things. They've seen work really well, when you're tying anSkao to a sales initiative. There's checkless, there's one sheets, there'sa slu content, a lot of great content for enablement leaders and salesleaders in general. I've linked them up on the show notes you can find them onour website force management, and thank... for listening to the audible, readysales, podcast.

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