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The End of the Year


For many of you, the 4th quarter is well underway. Now is the time to assess where you're at and decide what changes you want to make for next year. In this episode, John Kaplan shares some motivation he learned from his college days! Fours up! Don't forget to follow Force - LinkedIn: Twitter: IG:

Hello and welcome to the force management podcast. I'm Rachel Club Miller, joined today by John Kaplan. Hello, Rachel, how are you? I'm doing great, John. We are nearing the end of the year, or a few weeks into the fourth quarter here for for some of you, and you just publish a blog and linkedin about that idea of the fourth quarter and I wanted to talk to you about this topic a little bit today. Let's just first start. What sparked that topic? Why did you decide to write about that? Well, I actually woke up on October first and had that feeling of every year on October one of you know, kind of like the beginning of the fourth quarter, and also I'm a big football fan, so I was watching games over that weekend and I saw that, you know, a lot of those games that weekend came down to critical things that happen in the fourth order. Whether or not those teams were prepared or not, really came down to the fourth quarter, right. So the things they come into the fourth quarter, and I know, I'm sure John, every time you're watching those college football games you're you can think back to your own college football days.

Well, yeah, I mean I think really in football are outside of football it. No matter how good you are, the fourth quarter is always the time for a good reflection and good assessment. Speaking of football, I just happened to like I wrote in that blog, I happen to remember umber my time of Boise State. You know, we were, I was a freshman on a one double a national championship team, and you know, I was still trying to learn how to be a college athlete. And and I remember doing conditioning and during the conditioning they made us run these one hundred and ten, so a hundred ten yards, one after another after another. I think they're like ten or twelve tense. But the trick of the matter was we had to, you know, keep our hands in the air with our fingers for fingers raised in the air. And when they explained it to me, I'm like, well, you know, that should be pretty easy. But after the first, you know ten or so, I was gasping for...

...air and bending at the waist and struggling to get my fingers up in the air to raise my hands. And and when we were done, the coach brought us together and I'll never ever forget what he said. He said, you know, being in shape is not a skill, it's a choice and there's going to come a time somewhere in this season where you're going to have to make a choice or that you're going to be rewarded for making that choice of being in shape and, you know, Lo and behold later. You know, being the defendant one double, a national champions, everybody was trying to knock us off and we had a critical game and I remember in that critical game our captain. It was the end of the third quarter and in football you kind of change side, you go from one end of the field down to the next end of the field at the change of quarters, and this guy raised his hand in the air four quarters. Our sideline went crazy. We all raised their hands in the air, four quarters and four fingers... the air, and then he back pedaled on the waist. He started sprinting down to the other end of the end zone, but he back pedaled and looked at the competition, you know, are are the team that we're playing, and pointed at them and waved them down and I'm you know, as in a gesture to say I'm ready for the fourth quarter, are you? And I'll never forget it the rest of the team came sprinting down with their hands raised in the air and we just annihilated them in the fourth quarter, and I've never forgotten it. That preparation, that feeling of being ready in the fourth quarter. It really comes to it really comes to Roos, and it starts, you know, in memory, on October one right in. That's a idea, you said. It's a choice. You made, the choice superpare for those final minutes and for the sales people out there listening, nearing the end of the year, now is the times are really assess where you're at and if you're not happy with that assessment of what you see, what those numbers look like, you need to determine what changes you're going to make. Yeah, and I hope I love this kind of podcast,...

Rachel. It's great idea because I hope we can use this podcast to give those people out there listening some spirit of knowing that you've done what you needed to do to dominate in the fourth quarter and to win the game. You got to ask yourself, did you make the right choices this year? If you did sprint into the fourth quarter with your fingers raised in the air for all of your teammates to see and your opponents to fear. If you didn't just remember this day and tell yourself that you're never going to be in this position again. You can still finish the game strong, but you can also begin making the right choices for the for the next game right now. That's a great little teeth we should do. If you are out there and you're finishing that fourth quarter strong, use our instagram. It's force MGMT. Send us your pictures with your number four is up. We'd love to see them. We'll share them on our own. Love that flours up. I love that right. Love that and I will say when it comes to making those...

...right choices, follow us on Instagram, linked in all the social networks. We're sharing content regularly. We just finished a Webinar on no decisions and how to keep them out of your pipeline. That's on force managementcom on the Webinar page. Subscribe. Connect with us. We love to hear from you. Thanks for joining us. Go crush it.

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