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The Franchise Mindset


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When it comes to sales planning, we encourage reps to take on what we call the sales franchise mindset. You have to view your territory as your own business. Take accountability for and ownership of your franchise. In this episode, John Kaplan explains the importance of taking on the franchise mindset and how to do so.

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There's responsibilities for the franchise or and there's responsibility for the franchise. If you're the franchise Z you need to own those responsibilities. You're listening to the audible ready podcast, the show that helps you and your teams sell more faster. We'll feature sales leaders sharing their best insights on how to create a sales engine that helps you fuel repeatable revenue growth, presented by the team at force management, a leader in B two B sales effectiveness. Let's get started. Hello and welcome to the audible ready sales podcast. I'm Rachel Clapp Miller. Have you joined a sender yet? That's our platform for sales reps, no matter your company. CHECK IT OUT ASCENDER DOT Co. Let's get started on today's topic. Today we're going to talk about sales planning. John Kaplan, how are you good? Great, Sol how are you good? Good? I know that we have hit this conc in the past, but it's been a...

...bit and I want to talk about sales planning from a perspective and we have a great concept that we use to get your mind right around this, and that's called the franchise mindset. Yeah, I think it's a really really appropriate Um analogy. So when you think about a franchise, you think about like a McDonald's or a Burger King and you have business owners that buy into a franchise and leverage the power of the brand to make their business successful. So the franchise owners can leverage the company's National Marketing, advertising and brand recognition to, you know, to drive revenue for their franchise. And the franchise model, you know, benefits or provides benefits for small business owners with the power of like the national brand. But the franchise or won't be successful if it doesn't empower its franchises to leverage that brand. And then, on the flip...

...side, the individual franchise owner won't be successful if they don't do the work that's necessary to drive business at their individual location. So, Um, you know, it's the same thing for a salesperson. You need to view your territory as your own franchise and you own that territory, that piece of dirt, you know, as if it's your own business unit. You own the unit's production and profitability. So there's responsibilities for the franchise or and there's responsibility for the franchise Z and if you're the franchise z you need to own those responsibilities. Yeah, take the accountability in the ownership of your own piece of dirt, as you call it, John, and when you think of your territory this way, you really get put your focus on you elevate the importance of that pipeline building. Yeah, mean, most selling organizations spend around their...

...time operating around the opportunities rather than driving pipeline at the territory level. And so if you employ this kind of franchise mindset, excuse me that the level of building pipeline gets elevated. Your question to yourself is, how am I generating pipeline? Where is it coming from, rather than squeezing, you know, just the money out of, you know the opportunities that you have in front of you. You always say, John, the pipeline cures all ills. Yeah, a lot of times if you're struggling as a rep, you can point it back to pipeline and you know you're you're more prone to discount on a deal that you really need because you don't have enough pipeline for the next quarter. So spend the needed time on the forecast, but don't limit the time. Um, you know you don't limit the time pipeline generation.

You gotta ask yourself these questions. How are you building pipeline? How are you going to make sure you hit your quota and what's your plan? How well are you covering your territory and where's the white space? And White space is like you know where you are versus where you aren't. So you've got to use these answers to determine where you can start to drive real change, and not only your territory but in your career. And we have some other great podcasts that dig into Um some of those areas that you just talked about, John, and I'll go ahead and link those up in the show notes, so be sure to check those out. But you know, I think that's the focus of this podcast. We really wanted to make it just making sure that when you wake up in the morning you have the right mindset around your plan, that you are thinking of it as your own piece of dirt, your own your own franchise. And, as we wrapped on, the real focus really needs to be having the right mindset because if you don't have...

...the right mindset, it's tough to do the other stuff. I like how you said that you know, mindset is everything. You wake up in the morning and as a rep, you know, are you owning your assignment as if it were your own business, your own franchise, and what's The operating rhythm that you're using to make sure it's successful? And how are you delivering the plan? Don't just put together a plan and then look at it, you know, and then not look at it for the rest of the year. You know, the most elite reps they've got an operating rhythm around looking at the plan all the time. You know, on at least they're updating it and looking at it quarterly at the at the very minimum, and they're always making sure that they have pipeline. That's what you need to think about as you hit the ground running. What are you doing to generate pipeline today? That's it. Put that on your t shirt, your bumper sticker. What are you doing to generate pipeline today? Hey, John, thanks for joining me for this conversation. You're welcome. Go get him, ascender,...

...all right, go get him asunder join us as Sunder Dot Com, and thank you for all of you for listening to the audible ready sales podcast. At force management we're focused on transforming sales organizations into elite teams. Are Proven methodologies deliver programs that build company alignment and fuel repeatable revenue growth. Give your teams the ability to execute the growth strategy at the point of sale. Our strength is our experience. The proof is in our results. Let's get started. Visit US AT FORCE MANAGEMENT DOT com. You've been listening to the audible ready podcast. To not miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. Until next time,.

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