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Episode 52 · 1 year ago

The Mindset You Need to Hit Your Number w/ John Kaplan


If you’re coming off the high of making a great number last year or last quarter, you may be struggling with how to repeat your success. If you’re coming off a year that didn’t pan out as you hoped, how can you clean slate and make this year your best yet? John Kaplan covers the two mindsets he used when coming off either a good year or a year riddled with challenges. He shares tips salespeople can apply immediately to get prepared and plan for a successful quarter, sales cycle or year.

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... what you've been doing is working. But don't settle. You cannot let yourself settle. You got to look to up your game, and if you're coming off a bad year, everything's up for grabs. You're listening to the audible ready podcast, the show that helps you and your team's sell more faster. Will feat your sales leader sharing their best insights on how to create a sales engine that helps you fuel repeatable revenue growth, presented by the team at force management, a leader in BTB sales effectiveness. Let's get started. Hello and welcome to the audible ready podcast. I'm Rachel Clap Miller. Thank you for joining us today and before we get started on our conversation, I'd like to ask you if you like our podcasts, could you please rate it five stars for us? Just do it, write on your phone. It helps people find us and it's really helpful as we try to grow this channel of content.

So, if you're compelled, we'd also love to have a few more reviews on our podcast page. Thank you in advance. Let's get started. John Kaplan joins me today. Hi John, Hey Rachel, how are you? I'm good and I'm excited about this topic because it comes from one of our own tells people, somebody who sells for us at force management, and some of you out there may find yourself in this same scenario. You've had a really successful year, last year, a successful quarter perhaps. How do you get rid of the dread of hitting that next number, celebrate your successes and get yourself motivated for the next go rount? Yeah, I think this is such a appropriate topic. It's many of us are coming off of the high of making a great number from the previous year and the interesting thing that sometimes goes along with that is the feeling like you've kind of drained the pond...

...door. You've exhausted, you know, all of your opportunities, but I also know there's many people coming off of this past year feeling like they just got crushed. Instead of crushing it, they feel like they got crushed and the covid mess and and some people are just worn out. And I think that for the purpose of today, regardless of where you're coming from, whether you're celebrating from successes and the previous year or you're celebrating just a clean slate, you have to prepare, you have to make your way towards making your plan to make your land. So I think it's really, really appropriate topic. Doesn't matter what kind of year you had. Let's get busy. Yeah, so, you know, I think the first step, you kind of mentioned it, is how you're going to attack this next quarter, this next year. What is your plan to make the planet? That's a concept we've talked about. A log on. Yeah, I mean it's down to the...

...basics of taking a look at your territory, or whatever your responsibility is, your territory, your set of accounts, whatever it is, figuring out the gaps, what opportunities are there to cross sell and upsell, looking at and being honest about white space opportunities and how we're going to go after new logos, mapping out the numbers. How much pipeline do you need and where you going to find it and where you going to go attack it? What's the ideal customer scenario look like? Finding people that are accountable to you and your accountable to in the process and asking them for help and your ecosystem and and just putting together a great collaborative plan. It never changes. You have to do this constantly. That's what the most elite sellers do. Yeah, and there's also probably some mental coaching you can do for yourself. And you know, speaking of people who've had who had great years, there's a reason you're in that situation and it's because you are likely doing the right things. And...

...maybe if you didn't have a great year, you know the fundamentals are fundamentals because because they work, you should have confidence that the system you used, if you were successful, will work again or those basic fundamentals will get you to where you need to go. Yeah, if you're coming off a good year, you should have confidence that you know what you've been doing is working. But don't settle. You cannot let yourself settle. You got to look to up your game and if you're coming off a bad year, everything's up for grabs. You know, I've had bad years before and I've remember the energy that I got. That said, you know what, I don't have to stick to the playbook of the previous year, whatever this circumstances. In the playbook I mean not the fundamentals, but the the mindset, the thinking. It was a wonderful feeling to feel like I had a clean slate but just there's no way I was going to continue to do the same things as I had always been doing. So, no matter what, push yourself to...

...improve, no matter where you are, coming off a great year or coming off a struggling year, push yourself. Yeah, it always comes back to understanding why what you sell matters to the customer. I was just on Linkedin right before we recorded this and I saw a post by Gary V and he was holding up a sign and it said the reason so many people struggle to sell is because they don't believe in what they're selling, and that hit me because it's something that you know, we we talked about a lot. What is the value you're providing? Why is your solution better than the competition? What are the problems you're solving? And then it's finding those problems. They still exist. Yeah, it's the for central questions, which I love and you should when your plan to make the plan, just sit with those four center questions. What problems do we solve? How specifically do we solve them? How do we solve them better or differently than anybody else? And where have we done it before? Attached yourself emotionally to the biggest business issues that...

...your customers are facing, find those accounts that are most relevant to those business issues, find the people in those accounts with power and influence again, that are relevant to those business issues. Then target those opportunities, operationalize them in a plan and you're well on your way. It's not any more difficult than that. Yeah, and a phrase that we kind of started using right when covid hit last year was to just get busy, get moving. So as we as we wrap, J on, is that your bottom line or do you have another bottom line for well, for me it doesn't matter again, whether you crushed it or whether you're struggled. This is a new year. Put together your plan, shape it with your teammates in your ecosystems, your sales engineer's your customer success, marketing management. Ask for help. Let everybody...

...know where they can help. Communicate the plan. Look for cordly, refinement and reinforcement. Those are the fundamentals. Get busy, go crush at, have a great year. Love that. Get busy, go crush at, have a great year. Put It on a t shirt. Thank you so much, John, my pleasure. All right, thank you to all of you for listening to the audible ready podcast. At force management, we're focused on transforming sales organizations into elite teams. Are Proven methodologies deliver programs that build company alignment and fuel repeatable revenue growth. Give your teams the ability to execute the growth strategy at the point of sale. Our strength is our experience. The proof is in our results. Let's get started. Visit US at force MANAGEMENTCOM. You've been listening to the audible ready podcast. To not miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. Until next time,.

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