The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast
The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Leading From the Front W/ Paul "PK" Kleinschnitz, CCO at BlueVoyant


It takes conviction to lead a sales organization to the next level. What can you focus on to help your sales organization deliver results? Dig deep into the mind of the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). John Kaplan goes one-on-one with Paul "PK" Kleinschnitz, CCO at BlueVoyant, an end-to-end internal and external cyber defense platform. PK digs into key areas of focus for leaders around:

  • How leaders are driving alignment with their buyers today
  • Building a sales culture that’s focused on individual and company growth
  • Key factors to incorporate into your sales transformation initiative
  • How to Lead From the Front to achieve critical company objectives  

BlueVoyant is hiring, more here:

Here are some additional resources:

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