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Episode 64 · 5 months ago

Why Are You Talking? w/ John Kaplan


Have you ever caught yourself babbling in a sales conversation? John Kaplan has, and he shares some spirit around asking yourself the question - “Why are you talking?”

Show your customer you’re focused on them and want to genuinely understand their business pain. John Kaplan joins us to walk through some small tricks he uses to make sure he keeps sales conversations focused on the customer.

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When you gatch yourself, babbling, stoprefocus on the positivness outcome, require capabilities, an Matrick, solisten to that demon on your shoulder who's whispering. Why are you talking you're listening to the audible, ready,podcast? The show that helps you and your teams sell more faster willfeature sales leader sharing their best insights on how to create a salesengine that helps you feel repeatable revenue growth presented by the team,fforced management, a leader in P, to B sales effective. This let's get started hello and welcome to the audoboreadysales podcast, I'm Rachel plevmiller. Thank you for continuing to listen tothis podcast and a quick plug. If you haven't done so, please go to applepodcast or wherever you're listening and ratus five stars. It really helpspeople find our podcast. Ind helps grow our listener base. We really appreciateit. John Caplan with me today, Hi John...

Hey good morning, Rachel, yes, sotoday's topic comes from something recently you said John, and I thoughtit would would make a good topic for the podcast. It's ultimately a trick.You have used to help. Keep yourself focused on the buyer. In your salesconversations yeah and it's related to this crucial element in elite selling,which is making sure that you have an outside in focus with the buyer versus an insideout focus, so no matter how good you are. I think this is these are going tobe some tips. That should really remind you in every buyer conversation yeah,and it's also that byer focus is something that even the mostexperienced salespeople and like yourself need to keep remindingthemselves to keep that focus in the conversation, because it's easy to Varoff. Yes, yes, so as we move through theseconversations, this is where the art of...

...selling really comes into play, andI've heard you compare it John to a little voice on e on the side of yourshoulder yeah, I mean I actually call it thedemon on your shoulder and what I mean by that is like. Sometimes when I'm ina buyer conversation I'm going to sales conversation, sometimes believe it ornot. I think people are going to get a chokolale about this, like a yeah right,Caplin, all the time, but sometimes M. I wind up just kind of riffing orbabbling and I have this little enemy within or this little demon. On myshoulder that says, why are you talking and it's it just? It stops me in mytracks and I catch myself, and it reminds me that I should be talking andresponding to something that I heard from the customer, because if I don'tI'm proving that I don't listen to the customer, so I catch myself and I saythe reason why Iam telling you this mister missus customer is because yousaid...

...and if I can't say that I shut up- andI asked a question so I can later be able to say that so it's really reallyimportant, because so many people are just talking talking talking and theperson on the other side of that is like listening to that and and thinking.Well, you don't understand me because you didn't ask many questions. You'retalking about stuff, that's not relevant to me, and I really reallyfind that this kind of demon on my shoulder that asked me the question:why are you talking really level sets me, and I truly I, and I probablyexperience it at least once a day? Yes, that's good good to remember. I'vestarted thinking about it as well as a salesperson you're, better able to keepthat focus on your buyer. If, if you are prepared for the conversation, Wevepublished a lot on prep I'll link, some of those resources in the show notesthe really good make sure to check them out, but it also comes down to you,keeping you and the buyer focused in...

...the conversation on those criticalelements of the deal. That's why you're talking yeah, I think great salesconversations are like a golf swing and and golf swings have or any type ofswing. If you're not a golfer, it doesn't matter any type of kind ofathletic movement that has kind of a push in a poll, some type of backwardmechanism, a forward mechanism, and so in the golf analogy, the first part thecritical part of the golf wing is the takeaway or the backswing. And then youhave a delivery. You know a downswing which is completely related to thetakeaway, so the backswing or the takeaway is where the swing begins orwhere the conversation begins. And we like to talk about these three buckets.I like to simplify things when, when you're, taking away from a customer, soyou're asking great discovery, questions to understand, simplify it,there's three buckets of information...

...that you want to always be filling upwith the answers from your discovery, question and those are you've heard ustalk about it, bfore, positive business outcomes, required capabilities andMetrix, and let me just kind of run through these again, just so you'rekind of grounded on them, so positivebusiness outcomes are thetangible business benefits that results from a buyer. Implementing yoursolution. So, when they're in place and articulated a buyer understands theclear business value they will receive from implementing the solutions. Okay,so next is the required capabilities and these define the specificrequirements that are necessary to achieve the positive business outcome.So if your buyer wants to achieve acts, they need to make sure that why is inplace so required capabilities are in essence the decision criterian. In theend, this decision criteran needs to be more favorable for you and your company,so your job is to influence these...

...required capabilities with yourdifferentiation. Let me repeat that your job is to influence these requiredcapabilities with your differentiation. This is an elite skill, all right, sothe last one is, you know an in making the takeaway or filling up. The threebuckets is the concept of metrix and metrics define how the customer willmeasure success. They establish the key performance indicators that define hows.Success will be measured. You know once the solution is implemented, so wenever sign up for any race without first understanding how far and howfast we have to run yes. So that's the roadmap. For theconversation and and you as as a seller, need to do your job and keep thatconversation focused on discovering those elements and or validating them,yeah so focus on using great discovery,...

...questions to fill up the three bucketspositivess outcome to Carcape, bilities and Netrik. Then, and only then, shouldyou open your mouth and talk about how you do it, how you do it differently orbetter and where you've done it before? That is the essence of a great, a greatconversation, a great swiing, a great mechanism, a great pushpool yeah, andalways remember that question. Why are you talking yeah? So you know when youGett Yourself, babbling, stop refocus on the positive business outcome,require capabilities and matric, so listen to that demon on your shoulderwho's whispering. Why are you talking and put yourself in the best positionto respond? The reason I'm telling you this Mitr missus customers, because yousaid, and if they didn't stop talking an ask a question awesome. Thank you so much for theconversation, John, some great teps for... today. My pleasure is that I thinkthat's my Fou to stop talking here. You go and we out thanks for insetting to the AUTOREDDYsales podcast at force management. We're focused on transforming salesorganizations into elite teams, are proven methodologies, deliver programsthat build company alignment and fuel repeatable revenue growth, give yourteams the ability to execute the gross strategy at the point of sale. Ourstrength is our experience. The proof is in our results. Let's get startedvisit US t force Managementcom, you've been listening to the audible, readypodcast to not miss an episode subscribe to the show in your favoritepodcast player. Until next time.

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